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TEDxBigSky 2017



The inaugural TEDxBigSky event Jan. 28 was an undeniable success from a speaker, organizer and audience point of view. A strong thread of resilience—of not giving up—ran through an otherwise fascinatingly diverse line-up of speakers, perspectives and topics. For Ersin Ozer, Outlaw Partners Media and Events Director, TEDxBigSky license holder and master of ceremonies, the evening far exceeded his lofty expectations.

“I thought it was amazing. You spend so much time envisioning something in your head and working on it for months; to see it all come to fruition is incredible,” Ozer said. “There was a moment backstage when I realized it was happening and it was going so well, and that I was standing next to one of my athlete idols [Andrew Crawford] and I’m about introduce him … it was so cool.”

Ozer also enjoyed working with a committee of friends and mentors from the Big Sky community to make TEDxBigSky a reality—and that they’re already thinking about next year.

Below you’ll find photos from the event and reactions from community members in attendance, as well as TEDxBigSky speakers Parisa Khosravi and Andrew Crawford. – Sarah Gianelli

“We are living in a scary time with uncertainty, no matter of your politics. Coming to a TED talk makes you realize that there are a lot of people that are good with amazing ideas. TEDxBigSky restored my faith in humanity.” – Jerry Wortman

“It was such a wonderful experience to be in Big Sky and feel the warm hospitality of this great community.” – Parisa Khosravi

“I can’t tell you how great of an event it was, from a speaker’s standpoint! Your team went out of your way to make sure that it went off without a hitch!” – Andrew Crawford

“What an awesome event you put on last night, congratulations! It was even better than I imagined.” – Mia Lennon

“Know we thought you were terrific. As for the talks they were fantastic. You had such a great selection of speakers and topics. It really was fantastic. Lastly, many thanks to Outlaw for putting the evening together. What an amazing effort and job well done!” – Stacy Ossorio








Joseph T. O'Connor is the Editor-in-Chief for EBS newspaper and Mountain Outlaw magazine.

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