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TEDxBigSky 2021 speaker lineup



The theme for the 2021 Big Sky Ideas Festival this year is “Awakening.” The event will focus on the Awakening process that the country has gone through in 2020. OUTLAW PARTNERS GRAPHIC

By Gabrielle Gasser EBS STAFF

Featured below is one out of a total of nine speakers slated for this year’s TEDxBigSky. Check out to read the rest of the bios.

BIG SKY – On Jan. 30, 2021, nine speakers will speak at the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center to articulate this year’s theme of “Awakening.”

This year, the 2021 Big Sky Ideas Festival will focus on the Awakening process that the country has gone through in 2020. As the world emerges from the lockdown, also emerging are the stories of lives changed, businesses pivoting, and incredible examples of humanity and community building.

Before virtually attending this year’s event, EBS spoke with two of the speakers who will be presenting at TEDxBigSky 2021.


Blu is a devotee of life beyond the veil—a mystic, medicine woman, musician, artist and storyteller. Her curiosity of maximizing the human potential has taken her deep into the studies of The Gene Keys—a technology which has supported her to activate dormant parts of her own DNA while guiding others into their own genetic blueprint. She has been endorsed by Richard Rudd, the Founder of the Gene Keys in her teachings of this profound lineage.

Blu has also spent the past seven years as a student in the shamanic world—studying the Shipibo lineage in the Amazon jungle as well as being a devoted student and facilitator of The Earth Temple— at the Center of Prayer and School of Shamanic Arts. She is committed to learning the ways of the plant teachers and understanding how we can work together to heal some of our deepest wounds.

Blu is also the host of the Dejá Blu podcast, which has over 120,000 unique downloads worldwide, where she interviews some of the most brilliant minds on the planet today. Blu utilizes the art of storytelling to take people on a journey into their own consciousness and to activate media as medicine.

Explore Big Sky: What does the theme of awakening mean to you?

Blu: “I have geared my whole life around being awakened. Awakening means to me a shedding of any identity or story that is somebody else’s, whether it’s society, or a person that has projected onto me to be the way that I live my life. Awakening is an opportunity for me to learn to actually trust my own intuition my own instincts and my own truth above the status quo of what society expects. Awakening means to me, a deeper listening to our Earth, the people on the Earth, and what is truly needed for us to actually thrive as a collective.”

EBS: How did you become interested in the shamanic world and the Gene Keys?

Blu: “About four-and-a-half years ago, I was diagnosed with a hereditary hearing disorder, which I was shared, was progressive, hereditary and incurable meaning that essentially I’m going deaf. That took me into wanting to understand my own engineering of why this is even happening in the first place and what is it here to teach me. It took me on a journey of realizing that the way that we communicate is not necessarily through words, but there is a 70 percent mass below the surface of the water of the iceberg of nonverbal communication that most of us are not tapping into because we are distracted by our five senses. It’s in that feeling, where actually truth is born … It guided me in a place where I realized that my superpower is to feel what most people are not speaking into and being able to support others to transmute trauma, when they don’t even realize they’re in it. The shamanic realm put the right frame around what actually was my superpower.”

EBS: Tell me about your work with the Gene Keys and how that has helped you to unlock your potential? 

Blu: “I just so happened to have in my Gene Keys information—I had a deafness genetic. I actually looked deep into the deafness, which was essentially the shadow side of the genetic, and according to the Gene Keys, every shadow has a gift. By looking at the shadow and understanding it, what I learned from the Gene Keys was as a byproduct of me not actually listening to myself, not listening to my own needs constantly listening to other people, beyond actually what my own truth was, and I created a deafness were I actually physically faded out the sound of other people’s truths over my own … The Gene Keys helped me shift my narrative from it being a curse to it being a superpower.”

EBS: What have you learned from unlocking your potential?

Blu: “I’ve realized that once I’m truly acting from a place of alignment with the reason why I feel like I came to this earth in the first place, then I can truly be of service from that place. What I’ve learned from putting the right frame around what was, I’ve now actually been able to be of service to support other people to put the right frame around their superpower that was once seen as a great challenge. My service has been unlocked, my ability to support and empower other individuals where they do not see potential, and to allow them to rewrite the narrative that this is happening for them, as opposed to happening to them.”

EBS: What do you hope that attendees of TEDxBigSky will take away from your talk?

Blu: “A shifted perspective of how our challenges in life hold within it the seed of a great promise and a great potential. It’s up to us to be curious enough to look within to find the secrets and the goal that has always been within us. It’s within every single person.”

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