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‘Town Crier’ – Briefs From the Region (1) – 10/24/19

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Montana Supreme Court reverses Missoula control

On Oct. 22, the Montana Supreme Court ruled 5-0 in favor of Montana Attorney General Tim Fox, who voided the Missoula City Council’s 2017 gun ordinance that would have required background checks on all sales of guns—including at gun shows—closing a widely-used loophole in gun sale regulations. Fox claimed the council overstepped its authority when it infringed on the citizens’ constitutional, state and federal rights. Two years ago, Missoula District Court Judge Robert “Dusty” Deschamps overturned the attorney general’s opinion, finding that it ignored “local government’s ability to keep firearms out of the hands of convicted felons,” reports ABC Fox Montana. Yet, the Montana Supreme Court said that local governments do not have the ability to restrict sales, merely restrict possession for convicted felons, minors and the mentally ill.

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