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Two Legends One Night



Céline Cousteau and Jon Bowermaster two oceanic experts, will headline an Oct. 25 fundraiser for the Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, a Bozeman-based non-profit.

Cousteau, daughter of ocean explorer and filmmaker Jean-Michel Cousteau and granddaughter of the legendary Jacques Yves Cousteau, travels the world, studying the intersection of nature and culture. From the Amazon jungles to the Arctic, remote cultures are connected to the natural world. Cousteau’s work reveals a world interconnected, showing that protection of the environment is also protection for our diverse cultures.

Jon Bowermaster is a noted oceans expert, award-winning journalist, author, filmmaker, adventurer and six-time grantee of the National Geographic Expeditions Council. For 15 years, he’s explored the world’s oceans by foot, small plane, sailboat, cargo ship and sea kayak. Bowermaster will bring his “Notes From Sea Level” to the Bozeman community.

This is the organization’s first major event since its inception in January 2011, and the evening will also feature a silent auction and raffle with items including a week stay at a Mexican villa with explorer Capt. Joel S. Fogel, a day of whitewater kayaking with expedition kayaker Trip Jennings, loads of outdoor gear, hotel stays and ski passes.

ASC connects outdoor athletes and scientists, and has already sent expeditions to collect data on plant life on Mt. Everest, Bar-headed geese on the highest migration on Earth, and track grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone.

“We want to recruit an army of citizen-scientists who are willing to help the fight against
climate change and human encroachment” says Founder Gregg Trienish. Treinish was named 2008 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year for “Across the Andes,” the first recorded trek of the 7800-mile spine of the Andes.

“The goal is to send hundreds of expeditions out and have them bring back the information we will need to manage the future of our wild areas.”

Tickets are $20 and available at

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