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Visit Big Sky to appoint board members

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By Joseph T. O’Connor editor

BIG SKY – Visit Big Sky, the new marketing group for both summer and winter in the area, is holding a meeting to appoint board members on Thursday Feb. 7 at 8:30 a.m. The meeting, to be held at Buck’s T-4, is one of the group’s first and its most important to date, since the Convention and Visitors Bureau and Biggest Skiing in America decided to join forces.

Traditionally, CVB and BSIA, both originally under the umbrella of Big Sky’s Chamber of Commerce, represented marketing efforts for summer and winter, respectively, but funding and the community’s grip on each group’s role was unclear. Some members sat on both boards.

“It seemed really inefficient to us and there was a lot of duplication,” said David O’Connor, president of the Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors. “[Combining CVB and BSIA] will allow us to serve the community better.”

The new Visit Big Sky board will be eligible for both resort tax funds and state-allotted bed tax monies, according to interim VBS member Katie Morrison.

Currently, the group has more than 20 members and the meeting on Feb. 7, in part, aims to reduce these numbers to between 7 and 13 people.

Interested parties unable to attend the meeting can submit letters of interest prior to the meeting to

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