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Whipped Confections: Edible art in the Gallatin Valley



By Taylor-Ann Smith
Explore Big Sky Staff Writer

BOZEMAN – Satisfying Bozeman’s sweet tooth with an artistic twist is Jasmine Snyder’s north side bakery, Whipped Confections. Opened just over a year ago, Snyder’s small company is bringing big taste to the area.

Snyder is far from your cookie-cutter baker. She relies heavily on her extensive culinary background and education in the arts to bake one-of-a-kind delights. Snyder grew up in Bozeman and was introduced to cooking at an early age by her mother, who was a personal chef. However, her mom despised baking and needed an extra hand to assist with the sweeter side of events catering. Snyder “applied” for the job when she was 6 years old, baking a banana cream pie while her mother slept.

Snyder’s professional culinary experience began in 2001 when she got a job at Looie’s Down Under – the now defunct Main Street restaurant – which led to various other opportunities from sous chef at the Vietnamese restaurant Rain, to barista at International Coffee, to the pastry chef at the Bozeman Co-op. There, she helped develop the gluten-free offerings that are still popular today. Snyder credits this experience at the Co-op for teaching her the “science” of baking by learning how ingredients work and interact.

What makes Whipped’s creations so special is Snyder’s multifaceted love for the arts. An alumna of Montana State University, she began her education in the ceramics program but eventually finished with a degree in metalsmithing, which she continues to pursue in her spare time.

When asked how her artistic skills and baking complement each other, she explains how applying an even pressure while frosting or shaping fondant – a decorative, edible frosting – mimics that of sculpting clay. She says metalsmithing honed her sharp eye, explaining how she painstakingly solders every chain link in her necklaces, a skill that reflects in the details of her baked goods.

“Pastry making is an inherent[ly] creative adventure,” said Snyder, 26. “The fact that I top it off with my background in the arts really sets me apart and gives me a unique perspective on problem solving.”

Her biggest endeavor yet was creating a cake replica of a Gibson J 185 guitar. With precision detail, Snyder sculpted fondant for the trim and hand-painted the cake with food coloring to mimic the guitar’s wood stain.

Whipped Confections is focused on providing clients with goods leaning on unique ingredients and a personal touch. Snyder explains that she primarily uses infusions in her baking, which include teas or craft beers, among many others. Chamomile is her “secret weapon,” she says, since it adds a subtle note of buttery, creamy taste to the cake batter.

“Using a familiar ingredient and giving it to you in a way that completely surprises you is what really gets me amped up on baking,” she said.

One of her notable creations is a layered pretzel ice cream and chocolate cake, topped with salted, caramel pretzels. Her personal favorite is a champagne chamomile cake with apple butter filling and honey buttercream frosting.

From desert platters to birthday cupcakes and wedding cakes, or just to satisfy your cookie craving, Whipped Confections offers sweet delights in the form of edible art.

Whipped Confections is located on 507 Bond St. in Bozeman. Visit for more information.

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