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Garnet Mountain

How to get there: Travel north on Rte 191 to the Storm Castle Bridge.
There are two trailheads right across the bridge, Rat Lake and Storm Castle. Make
sure to choose Storm Castle. The proximity to Bozeman affords the hikes up to
Garnet easy access. It is not uncommon to run across horse, bike, or 4-wheeler
traffic on this hike.
Distance: The distance and elevation gain is 7 miles and 2700’. It can be
modified by weather, fire, bears or trail conditions. An easier option goes via Rat
Lake TH to Garnet, and is 7.5 miles and 2045’.

Big Sky Hikers – 2011 Season

Meeting: Big Sky Hikers meet
each Thursday morning at the Big
Sky Chapel, on Little Coyote Road
across from the Meadow Village
Center. To accommodate larger
numbers of hikers and differing
abilities, three hikes are scheduled
for every Thursday in ‘A,’ ‘B,’ and
‘C’ groups. Each hike group goes
to a different trailhead, and there
is a limit of 15 people for each. All
hikes are subject to change due to
weather or trail conditions.
A hikers depart at 8 a.m., B hikers
at 8:30, and C hikers at 8:30 unless
otherwise noted. Transportation to
the trailhead will be organized by
car-pooling in each group.
Rating: None of the hikes require
technical climbing or gear. ‘A’ hikes are
strenuous, involving long distances
and significant altitude gain; these
hikes are best suited to fit altitudeacclimated
and well-prepared hikers.
‘B’ hikes represent more moderate
efforts. ‘C’ hikes are easy and suitable
for hikers of all ages.
A donation of $2/person per hike
pays for administration costs, supplies,
refreshments, and donations
to relevant causes or organizations.
Hiking Etiquette: Please leave no
trace when hiking in the wilderness
or YNP. No toddlers or pets. Big
Sky hikers keep groups together
and take occasional breaks. This is
grizzly bear country, and this is a
serious consideration on all hikes.
Equipment: Experienced hikers
carry a well-sorted daypack, with
plenty of water, lunch and snacks,
rain gear and other clothing layers
to cope with the abrupt changes
in weather that are typical in the
mountains. Sturdy, broken in
shoes are suggested, as many of the
trails are rocky, may cross patches
of snow and streams, and at times
the footing can be unstable. Hike
leaders carry basic First Aid kits.
Hikers should bring their own bear
spray, insect repellant, toilet paper,
sunscreen and big smiles!
Please contact hike coordinators for
more information:
A Hikes: Leslie & Rich Piercy
B Hikes: Lance Krieg (995-3312) &
George Tallichet (995-7292)
C Hikes: Rumsey Young (995-2629)
& George MacDonald (995-7172)

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Download the Big Sky Hikers’ 2011 schedule here.

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