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406 Forum: Oct. 12, 2018

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The third annual Big Sky Global Tech Summit is being held at the school district Oct. 18-19. In what ways have technological advancements improved your quality of life and in what ways have they been detrimental?


Judy Gail
Gallatin Gateway, Montana

“Some good things that have come from having technology are that it’s easier to do schoolwork and projects. [Some] bad things are that students are writing less and rely too much on electronics.”




KC Smelser
Bozeman, Montana

“It’s beneficial in that technology has allowed for more access to information and therefore better understanding of the world and its possibilities. It’s been a hindrance in that technology has sped up everything in life: work, social connections, travel, and it becomes hard to appreciate the ‘now’ or the current moment at hand.”




Max Woodger
Big Sky, Montana

“Good things that have come out of technology are entertainment and learning experiences like using Google Docs for writing essays or presentation purposes. The downside is everyone glued to their phone and not talking face-to-face … and I don’t mean FaceTime.”




Carly Purvis
Big Sky, Montana

“It makes it a lot easier to connect with friends and family, especially when they are far away. But they use the data from our posts to target and market to us. And Russian hackers.”

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