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406 Forum: Big Sky Resort Updates



Big Sky Resort recently unveiled its 2025 plan, including two lift updates that will debut this season. What are you most looking forward to in resort upgrades over the next 10 years?

tom_owenTom Owen Big Sky, Montana

“It seems like [the resort is] concentrating more on the mountain, and the lifts and the restaurants and all that kind of stuff. What’s really important to me is not the restaurants or trying to get someone up to mid-mountain. It’s really about improving the infrastructure of the town and dealing with employees, and staffing, and transportation. That’s what I see as the more important thing.”

stephanie_lynnStephanie Lynn Big Sky, Montana

“Well, I’m not really a resort skier. I mostly cross country ski and I’m starting to backcountry ski a lot. I’m not super excited for more resort development up there, because I kind of like to stay away from that. I think it’s great that they’re going to be updating the lifts, because there are a couple that are kind of scary. I think that it’s much needed if they want to be known as a world class resort.”

leon_richardsLeon Richards Big Sky, Montana

“I’m probably most looking forward to the new chairs, and increased access to the resort. I’m most excited to be able to access Challenger [terrain] again.”





hanna_powellHanna Powell Big Sky, Montana

“I’d probably say just them actually putting forth more money into this community, rather than taking it from what this resort makes and putting it into their other Boyne resorts. Especially since I’ve been here—this will be my 12th winter—I’ve never seen a brand new lift put in, so it’s pretty cool to see them actually spending the money that it takes to make a world class resort … I’m pretty sure the only lift that I’ve seen them put in was Southern Comfort, but they bought that [used] from another resort.”

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