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406 Forum: Bighorn Sheep fatalities on Highway 64

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Since April 30, at least two bighorn sheep have been killed on the long sweeping corner on Highway 64, less than a mile west of the intersection with Highway 191.

What are some potential solutions to keep local wildlife safe from traffic?









Michelle Burger, Big Sky

“I know we have some flashing lights way down in the canyon. Some more flashing lights [and rumble strips] might be a better idea … I [also] really think the speed limit should be lower in that section. I’ve almost gotten hit many times.”









Mikala Kearney, Big Sky

“The bighorn sheep area always there … If they had a flashing sign that was like ‘bighorn sheep next mile’ and another sign that said ‘this many bighorn sheep killed this year,’ [that would be more effective].”









Andy and Hannah Dreisbach, Big Sky

Andy: “[Hannah’s] 10-year-old sister did a proposal to have a bridge built for them or a tunnel underneath so they could cross safely … If there was a pull-off where people could take pictures, you’d have a lot less accidents and sheep being hit.”

Hannah: “The [DOT] said they [already] have a sign that says ‘wildlife crossing.’ I didn’t even notice the sign until like two years ago.”

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