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406 Forum: Jan. 18, 2019

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The Big Sky Ideas Festival starts this Thursday. What big idea do you want to share that Big Sky should embrace?

Alexandra Shannon

Big Sky, Montana

“I think having more healthy food options that incorporate organic and local food organizations would be really awesome. I just think at Compass [Café] we are trying to do a healthy food thing, but furthering that and having more companies local to the area would be really awesome for Big Sky.”

Christel Boeljon


“My wish for Big Sky is that it won’t ever get too big—that there would be some sort of stopping point so that wildlife and nature can be preserved as much as possible.”




Karen Marshall

Bozeman, Montana

“There are so many that have probably already been addressed. I think I would probably say for everyone who lives here, even though I realize it’s probably easier to go to Bozeman, to really try and support your local community through shopping local, buying local, staying local. There is so much to do here in Big Sky and people that live here take it for granted … for everyone that is here, in order to make this a viable community, we have to support each other through just those things.”

Jake Scheinman

Gallatin Gateway, Montana

“I think something that is interesting about places like Big Sky is the way the socioeconomic hierarchy is laid out, and to have some sort of economist come in, or some sort of individual related with finance, come in and do some sort of sociological study. … I would think that would be interesting to hear about, just an analysis of it and how it affects the economy up here as a whole.”

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