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406 Forum: Jan. 3

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What will you remember most from 2019 and what are you looking forward to in 2020?

Sam Warwood

Bozeman, MT

“It seems like 2019 we had a pretty good snow year. [I] remember some really good days up on the mountain and spending time in Big Sky I guess. Looking forward to 2020, hope we get some more snow and another good year in Big Sky.”



Brianna Winter

Big Sky, MT

“I went on a ton of hikes. A ton of hikes in like Big Sky and in Bozeman and that was super fun because like I definitely challenged myself, but I also got to like see so many new places, so I would say that for sure because that was a big goal…Hopefully skiing way more in January and February. [I] have not skied that much this past month, so racking up the ski days for sure and then more snow for sure because we need that.”


Greg Luce

Mobile, AL

“I enjoyed the nice business climate and then to get to come out here and spend a lot more time than usual…To an interesting business climate, to getting rid of Trump, and having the opportunity to spend time with my daughter out here and other people that we’ve met in all the years we’ve come.”



Kim Brown-Campbell

Missoula, MT

“What I remember most from 2019 is that I moved everything in my house, re-did the floors, and I moved my office and it all happened, pretty much, from July to October so what I’m looking forward to in 2020 is not moving again.”

Joseph T. O'Connor is the previous Editor-in-Chief for EBS newspaper and Mountain Outlaw magazine.

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