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AG Knudsen criticizes critical race theory education

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Town Crier “Briefs from the Region” (2) – 5/28/21

In a May 17 editorial, Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen spoke out against some critical race theory and antiracism programs often used in schools and employee trainings. He labeled them as “discriminatory” and said they are a violation of federal and state law. His ban follows a request by Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen, who asked Knudsen to “weigh in on the issue,” earlier this month, according to the Associated Press. “Our country needs to acknowledge its history of systemic racism and reckon with the present-day impacts of racial discrimination—this includes being able to teach and talk about these concepts in our schools,” said the executive director of Montana’s American Civil Liberties Union, in response to the Attorney General’s decision.

“Committing racial discrimination in the name of ending racial discrimination is both illogical and illegal,” Knudsen said in a statement published by the Associated Press. “Montana law does not tolerate schools, other government entities, or employers implementing CRT and antiracist programming in a way that treats individuals differently on the basis of race or that creates a racially hostile environment.”

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