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By Amy Hunter Assistant Community Librarian

What are your thoughts on young adult fiction? Please don’t stop reading. Young adult fiction is a great window into how the teenagers in our lives may be feeling or the things they are experiencing. Even if it’s not necessarily therapeutic to remember our own adolescences, it can help us develop empathy for a younger generation. It’s also very entertaining and a little less “mature” (read: explicit, content-wise) for those who don’t relish the details and descriptions of some adult books.

The Big Sky Community Library has some great young adult books. For those on the younger side of the reader spectrum, we have “Forever, or a Long, Long Time” by Caela Carter, “Mrs. Smith’s Spy School for Girls” by Beth McMullen, and “The Ethan I Was Before” by Ali Standish. These books are all in our young adult, or YA, section. For our older readers, high school and beyond, we have “Once and for All” by Sarah Dessen and “The Girl in the Blue Coat” by Monica Hesse. These books are in the adult fiction section with a red sticker on the spine. When you come to the library, ask the librarian for assistance.

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