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Big Sky Resort announces 60-minute interactive adventure game

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BIG SKY – Imagine it’s 1863 in the Montana Territory. Gold has been struck in nearby Alder Gulch and members of the infamous gang known as The Innocents have overrun your town. They’ve raided your supplies, imprisoned the local law enforcement and promised to kill anyone that stands in their way.

You and other members of the town have managed to barricade yourselves inside Sheriff Plummer’s cabin for safety. But after several cold winter nights, supplies are running thin and The Innocents are close to discovering your whereabouts. With no one coming to your aid, you must work together to uncover the secrets of their plan, bring justice to your town, and escape. Will you make it out in time before this ruthless gang closes in?

That is the imaginative scenario for the initial installment of Big Sky Resort’s new real-life escape game. An escape room is a real life puzzle where teams work together to solve clues, logic puzzles, riddles and physical challenges. Participants are able to challenge their wits, problem-solving ability and creativity attempting to ‘escape’ before the time (one hour) runs out. Teams of four-to-six can now check in at the Basecamp to the Yellowstone in the Mountain Village Center, take a step back in time and let the intellectually satisfying fun begin. 

Book online or contact Basecamp to reserve your spot by calling (406) 995-5769

Joseph T. O'Connor is the previous Editor-in-Chief for EBS newspaper and Mountain Outlaw magazine.

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