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Big Sky Ski Team U19s compete in Jackson

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Members of the Big Sky Ski team gather at the base of Snow King resort. PHOTO BY LUKE KIRCHMAYR


JACKSON, WYOMING – On Dec. 17-20, U19s from the Big Sky Ski Team went to Jackson, Wyoming to compete in the first International Ski Federation (FIS) race of the season. In an attempt to avoid transmission of COVID-19, race organizers split the field in two with the men racing on Dec. 17 and 18 and the women racing on Dec. 19 and 20. The race consisted of four slaloms for both genders with two races a day. 

With competitive opponents and late starting positions, the Big Sky racers faced many challenges. Despite adverse conditions, many of the racers finished their runs and scored many necessary FIS points.  For some of the athletes, this event was their first FIS race. Although the conditions were toughest for the new racers, they were still able to excel and score good FIS points, allowing them to get a better starting position at their next race. 

“Jackson Hole was an inspiring and humbling experience,” said Kjetil Hassman, a first-year FIS racer from the Big Sky Ski Team. “It was great to compete against some of the best ski racers in the West. I was fortunate to be there and I’m excited to return.” 

Results from the Dec. 17-20 races are as follows:

December 17, 2020: U19 Men

Race 1 Slalom 

53. Kirchmayr, Luke (1.58.04)

Race 2 Slalom 

38. Beaty, Ryan (1.50.14)

39. Kirchmayr, Luke (1.50.18)

51. Hassman, Kjetil (2.03.37)

December 18, 2020: U19 Men 

Race 1 Slalom

40. Kirchmayr, Luke (1.49.44)

45. Hassman, Kjetil (1.55.84)

Race 2 Slalom

51. Kirchmayr, Luke (1.51.20)

55. Hassman, Kjetil (1.54.58) 

December 19, 2020: U19 Women 

Race 1 Slalom

63. Johnson, Winter (2.18.22)

Race 2 Slalom

51. Johnson, Winter (2.06.79)

December 20, 2020: U19 Women 

Race 1 Slalom

55. Davis, Hillary (2.07.45)

57. Johnson, Winter (2.08.05)

Race 2 Slalom

49. Davis, Hillary (2.04.50)

50. Johnson, Winter (2.05.27)

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