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Big Sky’s Resort Tax Office has relocated



by Amy Smit
Resort Tax has moved. For nine years,
the Big Sky Resort Area District
(BSRAD) office was in the West Fork
Meadow, behind By Word of Mouth.
In early April, the District moved its
space to 11 Lone Peak Drive, suite 204,
in the Town Center. The old office on
Aspen was an awkward location and
was brimming with files and supplies.
It had little room for community
members to attend monthly meetings,
and no space for growth.
In 2009, the
Board recognized the need for a larger
space and appointed Board Chair Al
Malnowski and Secretary/Treasurer Les
Loble to the New Office Space Search
Committee. The Board required the new space to
meet the following criteria:
• The new office needed to be
accessible. More foot traffic and
exposure would mean more awareness
within the community, and a
convenient location would encourage
people to drop into the office,
or attend meetings.
• Anticipating Big Sky’s inevitable
growth, the District needed a
secure and larger location for its
confidential files.
• The space needed to be in good
repair and be economical.
As in the collections and allocations
process, the Board was cautious and
conscientious with community money.
The Committee meticulously combed
through proposals, scrutinized paperwork,
and fussed with the numbers
until they were confident they found
the best deal.
With lowered real estate prices due
to the economic downturn, BSRAD
obtained a space they wouldn’t have
considered a few years ago. The new
office is on the second floor of the RJS
building, which houses several businesses
and the medical clinic. Suite 204
was purchased furnished for turnkey
use. The dues are comparable to the
old location, and the building, grounds
and parking lot are in better condition.
Twice the size of the old office, suite
204 will accommodate future growth.
Additionally, the RJS building has a
professional presence that better suits
the District.
To purchase the new office, The
BSRAD essentially borrowed money
from itself. The space was acquired
for $190,000, about two-thirds of the
original listing price. This purchase
will be covered over the next four years
by deductions from appropriation
funds. There will be three deductions
of $50,000, and a final deduction of
$40,000 in 2014.
Amy Smit is the Administrative Officer
of Big Sky’s Resort Area District.
Please contact her at amy@bigskyresorttax.
com for more information about
77 Aspen Leaf Drive space. Applications
are on the resort tax website:

The BSRAD will offer its old office at 77 Aspen Leaf Drive as a special allocation.
Due to the state of the market, the Board believes this would be the most
efficient use of this asset. The chosen applicant will be deeded the space. Moving
forward, the new owners will have no mortgage, but will be responsible
for all dues, taxes, and utilities. Applicants must meet all the criteria necessary
to apply for resort tax funding. The office is approximately 450 square feet, is
separated into two rooms, and has two small closets. The bathroom is shared
with other businesses in the building. If there is no interest in the space, it will
be sold and the money applied to the purchase of the new office.

Megan Paulson is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Outlaw Partners.

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