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Brody, Wold bring experience and passion to Outlaw team





Mira Brody

Originally from a Sonoma suburb in California, Mira Brody appreciates the change of pace that Montana presents for her. She currently resides in Bozeman and is approaching her fifth year living in the Treasure State.

Brody joins the Outlaw team as the editor of the Arts & Entertainment section of the Explore Big Sky newspaper. She brings not only a background in writing, graduating with a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Chico in English and a minor in creative writing, but also a passion for the arts.

“My day job is office manager at the Emerson Cultural Arts Center in Bozeman,” Brody said. “Being surrounded by art all day is refreshing. There’s always something going on in that building.”

The California native possesses previous journalism experience working for her hometown paper, “The Community Voice,” for nearly three years. She began as an intern while attending college in 2012, before shifting to a full-time role after graduating in 2013.

“I’m excited to be working with creatives and to collaborate and improve my craft with others. I’m a hardcore believer in the power of journalism and storytelling and it’s great to work on a team with similar beliefs,” Brody said.

Favorite Athletic Team: San Francisco Giants – “I miss that stadium clam chowder and fighting off hordes of seagulls after the last pitch.”

Favorite Film: “Airplane!”

Favorite Food: Wilcoxson’s Chocolate Mint & Cookies ice cream

Favorite Writer: David Sedaris – “Life is weird … and he describes those little moments of weirdness we experience every day so perfectly.”

Treston Wold


Treston Wold hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He attended the University of North Dakota where he earned a degree in accounting. Wold is happily acclimating to the weather, temperatures and recreational opportunities that Big Sky offers for him and his family.

“UND is the second coldest university in America, so it’s nice to be in the warmer climate of Big Sky,” said Wold, who joins the Outlaw Partners crew as the financial controller, bringing with him a wealth of experience in the world of finance.

“I started my career in public accounting where I earned my CPA license. From there, I transitioned into the accounting/finance departments for two different publicly traded companies where I spent four years before coming to Big Sky and working for Outlaw Partners.”

The Minnesota native recently moved his family to Big Sky, although his wife, Ally had already discovered the area having previously lived and worked in town as a ski instructor. Wold was no stranger himself, having married Ally here and visiting for 14 years before making the move.

The small town feel that Big Sky offers was an attractive perk for Wold. “One of the companies I previously worked for had 35,000 employees. While this was an amazing opportunity to gain experience, it was difficult to make meaningful changes,” he said. “What drew me to Outlaw was the amazing team and how nimble we are. We can execute visions quickly and we really care about making a difference in our community and the world.”

Favorite Athletic Team: Minnesota Vikings

Favorite Film: “Lone Survivor,” “Inception,” “Garden State,” and “Touching the Void”

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Writer: Malcom Gladwell

Joseph T. O'Connor is the previous Editor-in-Chief for EBS newspaper and Mountain Outlaw magazine.

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