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Business Profile of the Week: Big Sky Sotheby’s International Realty



Big Sky Sotheby’s International Realty is entering their 10th year in business,
and the brand, team and presence in the community couldn’t be stronger. “When
you become a client of ours, you will always be a client of ours,” said Cathy Gorman, co-founder of the booming real estate office with her husband, Tim Cyr.
“We’ll always be there and keep in touch. We still do business with the same
people we started with in 1992.”
Gorman and Cyr have had a real estate presence in Big Sky for over 30 years,
and in 2002 they were chosen by Sotheby’s International Realty–the premier
real estate brand that connects the finest real estate with prestigious clientele-
-over other offices in the area. Sotheby’s became interested in Big Sky when
they realized the potential here to buy and sell prime real estate. Representatives interviewed Gorman and Cyr and decided they were a good fit due to their
experience, commitment and reputation in the community. There are two offices
in Big Sky, in Town Center and Meadow Village, and they are only one of two
Sotheby’s locations in Montana.
In order to have an affiliation with the Sotheby’s brand, real estate in an area
must have high end properties that appeal to typical Sotheby’s auction house
clientele and a certain median property value. “Our position right now is one of
incredible strength,” said Gorman, “we are not owned by a developer, or under
the thumb of a resort.” Big Sky Sotheby’s success is based on their own individual work ethic, and their knowledge of the area. “You can’t work here unless you
are invested in the community. Our kids go the school, we serve on the boards,
and we all live here.”
Their affiliation with the brand also contributes to their success. “Sotheby’s is
synonymous with discretion, good taste, an appreciation for the finer things in
life, and good quality of life. People can come here from New York, Canada, England and recognize the Sotheby’s name.”
Big Sky Sotheby’s sells within all of the resorts equally. Gorman is excited about
three new listings in Yellowstone Club: two lots and a Sunrise Ridge condo. The
Sotheby’s team is currently promoting the properties, doing open houses and
actively soliciting buyers.
“We’re positive about what this year will bring. You get a feeling, the mood out
there is good. People are interested again. Our buyers who have been putting off
are saying it’s time to do something. We are moving right along.”

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