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By Word of Mouth



By Abbie Digel Editor
Pam Flach, co-owner of By Word of Mouth Restaurant
and Catering, is sharing a plate of Tuna
Katsu rolls with friends. Pam excuses herself to
refill the wine glasses at the table next to hers,
and then clears plates from diners at the bar. She
then rushes to the front of the house to greet a
young couple looking for a table, and seats them
immediately. Candles in the room give off a
warm, romantic glow.
In the back room is a private party held for members
of a local group. Tables are set up with homemade
meatballs drenched in tangy tomato sauce,
blackberries and strawberries, cheese, rosemary
chicken wings, warm brownies, and a platter of
sushi suitable for King Arthur’s court. Flutes of
bubbling champagne await on a table adorned with
a crisp table cloth, ready
to be toasted by the
cheerful party guests at
any moment.
This isn’t an unusual
scene at By Word of
Mouth, Big Sky’s local bistro nestled in the West
Fork near Town Center. The familial atmosphere
keeps locals coming back, as do the carefully prepared
meals served fresh and warm, every time.
It’s hard to choose from By Word of Mouth’s
creative menu, as head chef, John Flach, specializes
in a variety of fare, from sushi to burgers, to tuna
steaks, pork osso buco and Friday fish fry.
John has been in the food service business his
entire life. Hailing from Wisconsin, he and Pam
(originally from North Dakota) met when he was a
chef at Buck’s T-4, and she was a server. Soon after,
they joined forces and opened By Word of Mouth
in 1995 as a bistro and wine shop. Pam and John
now have three young children, and BYWOM
is now a fully staffed, year-round business, only
closing for a short time in the off-season.
By Word of Mouth’s seasonally changing menu offers
fresh, local fare from Pam’s brother Matt Rothschiller
of Gallatin Valley Botanical, a full-service
farm in Bozeman offering community supported
agriculture programs and fresh food year round.
Pam recommends ordering a salad from the spring
menu, because they’ll have fresh shipments of
spinach, radishes and lettuce.
“We enjoy providing a place locals can afford and
enjoy coming to. It’s also a fun place for me to go
to work,” said Pam.
BYWOM also stays open late, so stop in for an
after-dinner drink and meet Josh, the friendlybartender who serves up pineapple infused
vodka, Jack and ginger cocktails, and generous
pours of wine.
Josh has been bartending at BYWOM for about six
years, and doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon.
“We’re a family here,” he said.

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