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Children’s book illustrates journey of 399

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Town Crier “Briefs from the Region” (1) – 8/6/20

To date, Grizzly 399 has birthed 22 cubs, including three sets of triplets, three of which are featured in the new children’s book “Grizzly 399.” Including her grandchildren she has 24 known descendants. This year, at 24 years old, she surprised the world by emerging from hibernation in May with four new cubs. “Grizzly 399” is written by Sylvia Medina, founder of Green Kids Club and illustrated by Morgan Spicer, and is based on the true story of this famous Grizzly of Grand Teton National Park. The story focuses on how her bear cubs depend on the respect and compassion of humans to thrive and survive in the park.

“I am particularly excited about this book release since we got to collaborate with renowned wildlife photographer, Thomas Mangelsen, who has chronicled the life of Grizzly 399 for decades through his striking photos.  He captured intimate images of this incredible bear, which can be seen in the back of the book,” said Medina

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