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Climbing Electric Peak

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Looking to summit this summer? Electric Peak is one of my favorites. It’s a great all day
run/hike, and there is also a mountain bike/ hike option.
This massive mountain rises almost 5,800 vertical feet above the Yellowstone
River. It has two summits and two trailheads; reason to summit twice. The easternmost
summit is the highest, at 10,969 feet.

According to Thomas Turiano’s book, Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone, Electric
was likely first climbed by Native American bighorn sheep hunters, and the first
known ascent was made in an electrical storm on July 26, 1872 from Mammoth, by
Hayden surveyors Henry Gannett, Albert C. Peale and Alexander E. Brown.

How to get to there:

Option A: The hike/run option begins in the park, five miles south of Mammoth
at the Glen Creek trailhead.

Option B: The bike/hike begins at the Beattie Gulch trailhead, 4.5 miles northwest
on Old Yellowstone Highway. Look for Beattie Gulch trailhead on left side of road.
Ride your bike up the road for 2,600 vertical feet to the peak’s north ridge. This
doesn’t require a fancy bike, although a few gears will be welcome.

The numbers: Both options are about 10 miles from the trailhead to the
summit. 3,689 feet of elevation gain from the Beattie Gulch trailhead, and
5,767 feet from Glen Creek parking. This is a big day. Get an early start, and
bring lots of food and water, good footwear for 20 miles on the trail, appropriate
clothing and bear spray.

The goods: Either way you go, keep your eyes peeled for large ungulates and
small wildflowers. From Electric’s summit, on a clear day, you’ll see many
mountain ranges including the Madisons, the Beartooths, the Absarokas, the
Crazies, the Bridgers, and the Tetons.

For complete details see Thomas Turiano’s book, Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone.

Montana native Felicia Ennis lives in Livingston.
Through her travel company, Bella Treks, she
designs customized travel plans to Antarctica,
Alaska, the Arctic, Argentina, Chile, the Galapagos,
Morocco, Peru and around Montana.

Megan Paulson is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Outlaw Partners.

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