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PBR event made notable economic impact on Big Sky



This past August a local group led by
Yellowstone Club, Outlaw Partners,
Continental Construction and the
Town Center brought the Professional
Bull Riding tour to Big Sky. This group
has released an Economic Impact study
to reveal the details of the event and
the financial impact the evening had on
the Big Sky community.
The Big Sky PBR made an estimated
$250,000 impact in the 24 hours
surrounding the event, according
to the report. This amount includes
hotel and dining
vendor related
proceeds, and
other event
expenses; it
was based on
interviews with
vendors, local
stores and attendees.
“I believe the PBR marked a critical
point in the history of the Big Sky
community,” said Ryan Hamilton,
project manager at the Big Sky Town
Center. “The event set the bar from
many perspectives: from economic
development and impact, to community-
building, entertainment,
sponsorship, marketing/promotion
and downright raw energy!”
In the days surrounding the event
the PBR added another $100,000
of local economic impact, according
the report. Also during that time,
more than $25,000 in money was
raised for local charities.
The Tax Board helped support the
event with a $12,000 contribution
that went toward marketing. The
event coordinators estimate that
the PBR event could result in as
much as $33,000 in new tax revenue
in the next 12 months.
“This is a prime example of why
events are such a great catalyst to
generating new business and revenue,”
said Eric Ladd, CEO of the
Outlaw Partners.

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“The PBR will be remembered as
the event that tipped the community’s
marketing and promotional
efforts and motivated all of us to
dream big,
then work
hard to pull it
off,” Hamilton
The sold out
evening hosted
2,000 people,
ticketed sales,
VIP, staff, bull
riders, riders’ families, comp tickets,
sponsors and media.
The community, including all walks
of life glowed after the event:
“It was an amazing event that really
brought the town together,” said
Devon White, owner of The Corral
steakhouse and motel. “I’ve been
in Big Sky over 30 years, and this is
the biggest turnout I’ve ever seen. I
hope it’s even bigger next year.”
The PBR was a resounding success,
said Bill Collins, Vice President–
Director of Sales at the Yellowstone

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