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New company provides transportation, childcare for couples

By Jessianne Castle EBS Contributor

BIG SKY – Taking dedicated time to share experiences as a couple is very important to Roy and Gloria Branch. Even on family vacations, they take extra measures to ensure they can spend a little time alone together, whether it’s a dinner date, dancing or enjoying a cocktail.

“It just really added to our vacation, because we made memories, just the two of us,” Gloria said of past date nights while on vacation. “Even if it was just for a couple hours, it was just priceless.”

This winter, the Branches decided to make it easier for other couples in Big Sky to also take time for each other by starting a company designed to simplify date nights. Called Vacation Date Night, the company provides childcare, eldercare, pet sitting and transportation so that couples can easily set aside time for each other.

An evening with Vacation Date Night begins when Roy and Gloria arrive at their client’s lodging—whether the home of a resident, a hotel room, or other guest accommodations. Depending upon the couple’s needs, Gloria will stay on-site to provide childcare, assist with aging family members, or look after the needs of a pet. Meanwhile, Roy serves as the couple’s personal chauffer, driving them to locations throughout Big Sky or Bozeman.

Vacation Date Night will tailor services to meet the needs of each individual couple. Whether parents want to take a day to hit the slopes without the kids, or they want to go for a movie and drink in Big Sky Town Center, Vacation Date Night will work to accommodate.

According to Gloria, who is certified for infant, children and adult CPR, this kind of service can give couples peace of mind so that they can enjoy themselves worry free. When providing childcare, she brings age-appropriate games such as puzzles or toy cars and asks parents to provide their guidelines on screen time, food specifics and bedtime routine. “It’s very important to me that I stay on the parent’s schedule for the children,” she said. “Being a mom, I have values like that.”

As additional security, Roy remains with the couple throughout the day or evening, available at the car in the parking lot should plans change.

Having personally faced the challenge of finding transportation and arranging for a separate childcare service, the Branches hope their company makes date nights easier for vacationing couples and residents alike.

“It’s giving a couple the opportunity to have time for themselves,” Roy said. “Me and my family seriously believe in vacations. We think it’s very important, but I don’t think couples should short-change themselves. Couples need dates where they can get away from everything and just enjoy each other’s company.”

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