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Five reasons to try fat biking in Big Sky

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By Derek Lennon EBS Contributor

Do you know how to ride a bike? Then you need to try fat biking.  Fat bikes are “the hottest trend in cycling,” according to They’re revolutionizing the biking industry and Big Sky is the perfect place to take a fat bike for a spin.

If you’ve never seen a fat bike in action, you’ll probably scratch your head and wonder, “What in the world is that thing?” Fat bikes come with oversized tires with lower air pressure that can handle snow, sand, mud, dirt and anything else you’ll throw in its path. It’s kind of like a monster truck because it will go just about anywhere.

Everyone needs to give it a try and here are five great reasons to try fat biking in Big Sky:

1. Bike season really does last 12 months: Fat bikes will ride on snowy trails, meaning that you can get outside for a ride in any type of weather, in any season. Don’t be a couch potato, be a fat biker.

2. Explore new places: Since fat bikes charge over uneven terrain, offer excellent traction and improve flotation you can ride your bike to new places. There are some spots that traditional mountain bikes just can’t travel, but with a fat bike there are so many more options – sandy deserts, icy roads, snow covered trails, muddy fields, etc. With a fat bike, you can choose your own adventure.

3. Fun for everyone: Fat biking is good old-fashioned fun and anyone who can ride a bike can also ride a fat bike. Grab a bike, a crew of friends and go for a ride; it’s a great way to get outside and socialize.

4. Try something new: When was the last time you tried something new? Whether you’ve been missing “bike season” or you just need a new way to recreate in Big Sky’s backyard, a fat bike will put a smile on your face.

5. Get a workout: Fat biking is a great workout. If you want to get in shape a fat bike will help you achieve your goals.

The U.S. Forest Service only allows fat bikes on certain trails in the Gallatin National Forest. Stop by Gallatin Alpine Sports—where you can also rent fat bikes—or other local outdoor gear shops to chat with their knowledgeable staffs about the sport. Find out about the best fat bikes on the market or discover the coolest trails for fat biking in Big Sky Country.

If you like having fun, try fat biking in Big Sky. If fun isn’t really your thing, then you definitely won’t like fat biking either.

Derek Lennon is a skier and writer who lives, works, and plays in the mountains of the world. He is based in Big Sky, Montana, where he lives with his wife Mia and two dogs.

A version of this story was originally published on the Visit Big Sky blog at fat-biking-big-sky/. Read more interesting content about the area on Visit Big Sky’s blog at

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