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FWP monitors ‘concerning’ wolf situation in Cooke City



Wolves from Yellowstone National Park have been spotted venturing into the nearby Cooke City and Silver Gate communities, posing a potential threat to the lives of humans and livestock animals. PHOTO COURTESY OF PEXELS.COM


In recent weeks, Fish Wildlife and Parks has frequently witnessed wolves originating from Yellowstone National Park in and around the Cooke City and Silver Gate communities.

Two weeks ago, wolves killed a domestic dog outside a home in Cooke City, but Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has not fielded reports of wolves approaching humans.
Their proximity to human development increases their likelihood of killing another pet, and potentially escalates habituation, such as being fed. But the wolves’ behavior is concerning.

“When we see wild animals approaching people, there is concern for human safety. We don’t like to have to kill wildlife, but sometimes we don’t have any other choice,” said Mark Deleray, FWP regional supervisor in Bozeman. “We will continue to assess the situation.”

If a wolf is on private property and poses a threat to humans, livestock or dogs, a landowner may kill without a license. On public or private land, a wolf that is in the act of attacking, killing or threatening a person or livestock, or attacking or killing a domestic dog may be killed. All incidents must be reported to FWP.

Pet owners in Cooke City and Silver Gate are encouraged to keep dogs indoors at night, and leashed when outdoors.

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