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GEAR REVIEW: Madshus skate skis and poles



By Jessie Wiese Big Sky Weekly Contributor

Madshus Nanosonic skate ski
The Madshus Nanosonic skate ski is solidly built, with a light and responsive acrylic-based, high-performance foam core. This lightweight performance foam – also found in other extreme strength/weight applications such as helicopter rotor blades and airplane jet fans – allows for excellent dampening performance, maximizing the precision and feel of the ski. It has a good all-around camber in the front, with progressive tip flex that isn’t board-stiff or floppy.

The ski rolls inside-edge-to-outside-edge without carving away from me while V2ing, allowing a long, smooth, controlled glide. Because they have more of a platform mid-foot, the Nanosonics also perform well in softer conditions and climb efficiently. The fore-body camber extends a little further forward than past models, and the contact pressure area in the front of the ski allows it to smoothly fall back under the body after gliding.

Initially, this ski will feel shorter because its build allows for a more forward binding mount, which changes the feel from many other brands. This geometry helps the ski build speed quickly when moving dynamically from ski to ski. They also run well on edge where many other brands tend to start dying out.

Madshus Nano Carbon Race 100 UHM Pole
These poles are both stiffer and lighter than earlier versions. The full-cork race handle reduces the weight and increases stiffness while the carbon material provides superior power-transfer and low swing-weight for strong acceleration and easy use.

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