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Gear review: Patagonia Stealth Hip Pack for fly fishing

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By Sean Weas Staff Writer

As fly fishing season delightfully fell upon me this spring, I was in need of a gear overhaul. Having looked at hip and sling packs for fishing in years past, I was always interested but hesitant. Well, I finally pulled the trigger, and after a summer of fishing, I can safely say that buying the Patagonia Stealth Hip Pack ($89) was the most solid choice.

Even the slight bulkiness of a vest is noticeable while casting, but not with this hip pack. That’s the thing I love most: It’s there when you need it and disappears when you don’t.

When you do need to re-rig, just slide the pack around and you’ll be greeted by two large compartments. The molded front compartment houses your quiver, with a fold-down working area. The back compartment is large enough for two good-size fly boxes and comes with a host of smaller interior pockets for organizing. Two beverage holders frame the pouch, keeping you hydrated during your slay-fest. The pack sits rather high, which was confusing for me at first, until I got into a deep wade and realized the design keeps the pouch dry.

If you’re looking to speed up and slim down your fishing setup, the Patagonia Stealth Hip Pack is the way to go.

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