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Golf Tips from a Pro: Golf Grips



By Mark Wehrman EBS Contributor

Do your grips need to be replaced? Grips are something that should be checked every year at the beginning of your season.

Having good-condition, tacky grips are a must for a proper hold on the club. The main reason for this is because your grip, the way you hold the club and attach your hands, is what controls the clubface.

If your club grips are worn and/or getting slick, your hold on the club will be compromised. If your hands have the potential to slide or slip on the grip then you should look into replacing them. Depending on the amount you play, this could happen every year or maybe every other year.

The importance of having a quality grip should not be underestimated.

When replacing your grips, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, make sure you are putting on the right-sized grip. There are undersize, standard, midsize, and oversize grips available.

Most ladies and even some men with very small hands generally will need an undersize grip. Most clubs you buy off the rack will have a standard grip size. Personally, I use a midsize grip because I have very large hands. People that suffer from arthritis in their hands will benefit from using an oversize grip.

To summarize, the size of your grip should be based off your hand size and should take into consideration any physical needs.

Second, there are different types of grip material. Most grips are made out of rubber and, if so, are going to be very durable and last a little longer. There are also grips made out of material that gives them a softer, more spongy feel. The most common brands are Golf Pride and Winn.

If you have questions about the condition of your grips or what kind to get as replacements, stop in at the Big Sky Golf Course. Either a member of our professional staff or I will be able to order new grips and re-grip your clubs.

When replacing your grips, we recommend replacing all of them at the same time so that all of your grips are the same size and style and have the same feel. Remember, good golf starts with a good grip.

Mark Wehrman is the PGA Head Professional at the Big Sky Resort Golf Course.

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