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Gray wolves delisted

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Town Crier “Briefs from the Region” (1) – 11/2/20

Before they were placed on the endangered species list in 1973, gray wolves were nearly hunted to extinction. After 45 years of protection they have thrived across the country growing to a population of 6,000, including the packs found in Yellowstone National Park. On Oct. 29, the Trump Administration announced that they would be delisting the gray wolf from the list of endangered species, the 14th animal to have been removed under the current presidency. Opposed conservationists, including the Center for Biological Diversity and the Defenders of Wildlife, are planning to sue, claiming that wolves need further protection in order to survive.

“We should be putting much more effort into coexistence with wolves, working to ensure that populations in the lower 48 are thriving and are able to play out their ecological role balancing our natural systems, instead of stripping critical protections still needed for their full recovery,” said Bonnie Rice, Sierra Club senior campaign representative as reported by CBS News.

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