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Health buzz: Doctor recommended versus Amazon reviewed supplements

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By Dr. Kaley Burns EBS COLUMNIST

Amazon is the first destination for many online shoppers looking to buy pretty much anything, including health and wellness products. Shopping for some products on Amazon can be advantageous, but here we discuss some of the main reasons why dietary supplements should not be bought from Amazon. Amazon sells almost everything and anything, but what do they know about health and nutrition? They don’t do much to verify the authenticity of the manufacturers, supplements, labels, descriptions, etc. Their job is just to sell and fulfill.

Someone could be making sugar pills and selling them as a medical cure. Many people would be appalled if they knew how prevalent counterfeit dietary supplements are. Sadly, fake vitamins and “health” capsules have made their way into the general consumer market via avenues such as Amazon. This is largely due to the fact that there is no overseeing scrutiny to determine which supplements are allowed to be sold and which are not. Additionally, a doctor- designed protocol is optimal, especially when you’re facing specific health concerns.

Then comes the concern regarding expired products being sold on markets such as Amazon. Another way these are being sold is, taking a product that has expired, changing the dates on the package labels, and voila: a cheap “new” product comes back to the market. Many of the sellers on Amazon are individuals, not companies and definitely not trained medical professionals.

Big box stores such as Walmart and GNC have repeatedly been caught selling supplements filled with non-labeled ingredients. When someone is taking a supplement, it’s usually to support or promote health, so stick to businesses who are committed to you having a great experience with their company.

The difference between medical-grade and over-the-counter supplements is the ingredients. The OTC vitamins or supplements often use synthetic or cheaper forms of vitamins. Medical grade supplements typically contain the best forms of vitamins that make sure that your body is getting the most effective and natural form of the vitamin. This is why they cost more.

Over-the-counter vitamins generally have lower concentrations of the product. This means that you may need to take more of the over-the-counter supplement to get to the daily goal than that of a medical grade vitamin or supplement. In turn, this negates the lower cost. Moreover, OTC or store-grade supplements have more fillers. This means that you could be ingesting dyes, cork, and much more, as the exact ingredients don’t have to be listed on the label.

In contrast, medical grade supplements are manufactured to the same standards as pharmaceutical drugs. They are the highest quality supplements available and meet all pharmaceutical standards. The holistic medical team at Big Sky Natural Health can help you to choose the best supplements for your health and current health issues.

BSNH Products

You deserve the highest quality supplements. We are here to bring them to you to help you reach your health goals. An ePedigree is a record, in electronic form, that traces the changes in ownership of a pharmaceutical product. It begins with the manufacturer and documents the transactional history of the product until it reaches the person or organization administering or dispensing it.

Although Pedigree laws do not affect natural health and supplement companies, the many benefits to our customers and their patients were too great to ignore. This is why we utilize the only nutraceutical company to implement an electronic track-and-trace program. By utilizing the track-and-trace program, we can ensure our products are authentic and can feel confident that our patients’ well-being is protected.

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