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Invasive seed-sniffing dogs

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Town Crier “Briefs from the Region” (2) – 8/26/20

The Jackson Hole Weed Management Association and Teton County Weed & Pest have been trying to mitigate the spread of saltcedar and perennial pepperweed along the Snake River since 2002. Both weed species are aggressive invaders, growing in dense stands and blocking access for wildlife and recreation. They also change soil nutrient loads, limiting the growth of other nearby native species. This year, these two organizations have partnered with Working Dogs for Conservation to train two dogs to float the Snake River starting from Moose, and sniff out saltcedar and perennial pepperweed along the riverbanks and gravel bars. By finding the seeds before they sprout, it eliminates the need for additional pesticides. Canine teams will be on the islands on the river Aug. 24 through Aug. 31.

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