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McCready, Carlile encourage voter participation with free concert

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By Gabrielle Gasser EBS STAFF

Mike McCready, lead guitarist for Pearl Jam, is teaming up with acclaimed singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile and GALvanize USA to offer a free, online concert titled “Vote Your Values” happening tonight, Oct. 9.

GALvanize USA is an organization that works to bring women together and educate them about current political events. They are encouraging everyone to vote and do their part to create a better future for the next generation.

McCready and Carlile, in partnership with GALvanize USA, are encouraging everyone to vote in the upcoming election on Nov. 3 and “Vote Your Values.”

So, what does Vote Your Values mean?

“First it means having a PLAN for how you’re going to vote,” said McCready. “Whether that’s voting early or knowing your plan to vote in person, get that plan in place.”

Not only is having a plan important, Carlile also emphasized the need to think about why you are voting and what you are voting for.

“Vote Your Values also means thinking hard about what matters to you most,” said Carlile in a Vote Your Values promotional video. “I think about what kind of world I want to leave for my wife and kids.”

For McCready this concert will be a bright spot amid the pandemic quarantine that sidelined Pearl Jam and prevented them from touring to promote their new album “Gigaton.” He said he and Carlile will primarily be playing her songs, with a twist, for the concert.

If this sounds like how you want to spend your Friday night, here’s how to get involved. 

In order to access the free concert, take the pledge to Vote Your Values at After taking the pledge and sharing your voting plan, you will receive a link to view the concert.

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