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Mickey Hart Band to perform in Bozeman Aug. 5



BOZEMAN – Former Grateful Dead drummer and two-time Grammy Award
winner Mickey Hart will perform with his band at the Emerson Cultural
Center in Bozeman on Aug. 5, as part of the Superorganism tour.
The Mickey Hart Band will release Superorganism, its second album in two
years, on Aug. 13, just weeks before Hart’s 70th Birthday. On the band’s
2012 record, Mysterium Tremendum, Hart sonified light waves from space
with the help of NASA; with Superorganism, Hart is turning his attention
“This time we journey into the micro, the hidden worlds of rhythm within us,
within our bodies,” Hart said. “My brain wave signals are re-imagined in
sound using a cap with electrodes that can read the throbs and signals of the
brain. I have also sonified the sounds of stem cells and heart rhythms for this
Each night of the tour, Hart will perform a piece of music with an EEG cap on
his head while he plays the sounds of his brain. The Mickey Hart Band will
also perform songs from the new album, along with select tracks from Hart’s
catalog and Grateful Dead favorites.
Long a social activist, Hart appeared in August 1991 before the U.S. Senate
Committee on Aging, speaking on the healing value of drumming and rhythm
on afflictions associated with aging.
“It all comes down to vibration and rhythm,” Hart says. “This is about
breaking the rhythm code. Once we know what rhythm truly does, then we’ll
be able to control it, and use it medicinally for diagnostics, for health
Tea Leaf Trio will open the show in Bozeman.
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