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Nepal has big impact on LPHS Interact Club



Rhett Leuzinger

“It’s pretty extraordinary to see the happiness that the Nepali carry, even when faced with tough situations.”

Howie Robin

“The people and places we visited were unlike anything I have experienced and I will remember it forever.”

Holden Samuels

“I can’t believe people in Big Sky can complain about their life when there are 12-year-old Nepali kids carrying twice their bodyweight up a mountain each day with a smile on their face.”

Evan Redmon

“I’d have to say I was most impacted by the senior citizens’ home we visited. These people, most abandoned by their families or having no one to care for them, were just so happy to spend time with us. It made me rethink what it means to be thankful living in America in comparison to what these people have. Their attitudes and smiles brought tears to my eyes.”

Zach Cone

“Our trip to Nepal was very eye opening. It was crazy to see the contrast between the American education system and the Nepali education system. There were girls that had to walk hours to get to school each day. It made me realize that I take a lot of things in my everyday life for granted.”

Julia Barton

“My perception of poverty has dramatically changed. Small actions, such as donating clothing and school supplies, can make a lasting impact to kids begging for an education. I have many opportunities in life, and Nepal has made me realize that I want to utilize those to be service based so that I can continue to help others in need.”

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