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New wolf hunting regulations take shape

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Town Crier “Briefs from the Region” (2) – 8/26/21

A new proposal introduced to the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission by an FWP commissioner included use of trapping, snaring and baiting to meet a quota of harvesting 450 of Montana’s wolves in a season, an increase from 328 wolves last year and 300 in 2019. While some present in in the commission meeting’s public comment were in support, some conservation groups are in opposition. “This is a declaration of war on wolves,” said Mark Cook of Wolves of the Rockies, as reported by the Great Falls Tribune. A member of the Blackfoot Confederation claimed that wolf harvesting goes against their religious freedoms, and others in support of wolf hunting drew the line at snaring and trapping, stating that it harms the image of Montana hunting. “You’re setting the image of hunting here back 100 years,” said Eric Clewis of the Montana Wildlife Federation.

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