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Nordic Hot Tubs introduce new weather and animal resistant hot tub



By Maria Wyllie
Big Sky Weekly Editorial Assistant

BIG SKY – Nordic Hot Tubs owner Dale Palmer likes to keep it local.

Servicing the products they sell, Palmer and his crew are very attentive to how hot tubs should be cared for in an area with extreme temperatures like Big Sky. Also, charismatic megafauna.

“Being local, we are a little more responsive to local needs and not national trends,” Palmer said.

Palmer is introducing a new line of products, called Tuff Spas, which are sturdy enough to withstand Big Sky winters and curious wildlife. With covers made of an advanced polyethylene material, the new tubs are capable of holding over 300 pounds, enabling them to easily handle heavy snow loads.

Standard hot tub covers are made of Styrofoam covered with vinyl and are susceptible to damage from the likes of ravens and bears. Palmer said such covers typically need replacing every two years, but the new Tuff Spas will last.

Although they have fewer bells and whistles than some other tubs, Tuff Spa products need far less attention than models with extra, more technical features. Designed to reduce electrical usage by trapping heat, they are also energy efficient, making them attractive to absentee owners.

Since Palmer acquired the business in 2001, he has improved the company’s showroom and said he’s tried to set the business up to better serve locals.

“It’s more of a natural evolution than anything,” Palmer said, referring to the increased demand for hot tubs as the community grows.

Also a member of the Big Sky Rotary Club, Palmer helped the Rotary raise money to build the climbing boulder in the Community Park. Nordic donated a hot tub, which brought in $5,000 and helped kick start the project, Palmer said.

Nordic also sponsors the Big Sky Community Corp.’s Parks and Trails Gala fundraiser and the Professional Bull Riding event.

Nordic Hot Tubs is located on Gallatin Gateway, just south of the Exxon. For more information, visit or call the office at (406) 995-4892.

Megan Paulson is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Outlaw Partners.

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