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NorthWestern Energy’s Laurel Generating Station is critical to an even cleaner energy future




NorthWestern Energy is adding the 24/7 energy resource, the Laurel Generating Station, to its 70 percent carbon-free power serving Montana today to ensure continued reliable energy service.

Additional 24/7 on-demand energy sources are required in order to add more renewable, variable resources—wind and solar—to keep the grid stable as we transition to an even cleaner energy future.

The Laurel Generating Station is located near other industrial operations and NorthWestern Energy is committed to environmental stewardship during its construction and operation.

The existing Byron Pipeline formerly used to transport crude oil is being converted to transport cleaner natural gas for the Laurel station. The conversion includes testing the entire pipeline and improvements to ensure pipeline integrity. Among the improvements is the installation of new pipe at deeper depth under the Yellowstone River near Laurel.

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