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Ophir School District Administrators Resign, Public Comment Needed for Restructure



Two administrators, Lucas Larson and Andrea Johnson, from Ophir School District have resigned for family reasons as of this week. The district is taking this opportunity to consider the effectiveness of their current two administrator structure which was put into place in 2008 during the construction of our new high school and rewriting of our curriculum.

A Class C district with an enrollment of less than 250 students, Ophir School District is required by law to employ one full-time administrator; one half of that time is to be dedicated to the elementary level. This is the minimum. The school board is considering three possible administrative structures, which are below. The board is also open to different possibilities, as they would like to know how parents and community members think the school can best be administered.

Please take a moment to review the attached proposal. The school board welcomes your input. Please indicate your opinions of the proposed structures, or, if you wish, make suggestions of how you think the school administration should be structured.

The board needs to get an administrative team in place as soon as possible. Comments should be submitted by Friday, May 20. Please send them to The board will hear public comment and make a decision on Tuesday, May 24 at 5:00 in a special board meeting in the Big Sky Community Library.

“The Board reluctantly accepted the resignations of Andrea Johnson and Lucas Larson. Board members singled out Lucas for the energy and enthusiasm he brougth this school year. Andrea was recognized for focus on completing our website and student portal,” said Loren Bough, Chairman of the School Board. “Both Andrea and Lucas had tough family choices which will take them away from our community, but we will welcome them back for a visit anytime.”

The Ophir School Board
Scenario 1 (Current Structure):

1 K-5 Principal/Superintendent: Salary Range: $68,000-$88,000
1 6-12 Principal: Salary Range: $50,000-55,000
Total Budgetary Impact: $118,000-$143,000

Scenario 2:

1 K-12 Principal/Superintendent: Salary Range: $68,000-$88,000
1 Activities/Athletic Director: Salary: $36,000
Total Budgetary Impact: $104,000-$124,000

Scenario 3:

1 K-12 Principal/Superintendent: Salary Range: $68,000-$88,000
1 Activities/Athletic Director: Salary: $36,000
1 Part-Time MS/HS Principal: Salary Range: $15,000-$17,000
Total Budgetary Impact: $119,000 to $141,000
Salaries are based on Class C school comparisons.

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