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Planning your trip to Yellowstone

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Whether you’re camping, fishing, hiking, backpacking, wildlife viewing or boating in the nation’s first national park this summer, Yellowstone is a place to experience the wonders of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. This summer, the National Park Service is expecting one of their busiest years on record, and are asking visitors to prepare ahead to protect themselves and the park. A few tips from the park service:

  • Expect long lines and traffic delays. Leave early or come late if you want to avoid crowds.
  • You can also buy your entry pass ahead of time at
  • Reserve a campground or hotel ahead of time, as camping is only allowed in designated areas.
  • Be aware of park conditions, weather, road construction, temporary road closures and the backcountry situation report.
  • Expect limited access to cellular phone service and internet access.Download Yellowstone’s app before you arrive.
  • Stay at least 100 yards from bears or wolves, and at least 25 yards from all other wildlife.
  • Stay on boardwalks and trails in thermal areas.
  • Be bear aware. Carry bear spray. Know how to use it. Be alert. Make noise. Hike in groups.
  • Leave no trace; whatever you bring in on your day out, pack it back out until you find the appropriate receptacle.
  • Don’t take antlers, artifacts, rocks, plants or other objects from the park.
  • Reduce the spread of COVID-19. If you are sick, stay home.
  • Report poor or dangerous behavior to law enforcement or park staff.

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