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Rebalancing at the Moonlight Spa

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By Katie Morrison Contributor

My New Year’s resolution for 2012 is to achieve better balance in my life. I plan to have harmony of mind, body and spirit and proportionately divide my work, personal, and social time. A lofty goal.

My progress has not been astounding in the past couple months. However, I recently received a jumpstart. My husband, who always encourages me to take better care of myself, offered to treat me to any therapy I wanted at the Moonlight Spa.

I immediately went online to check out my options. The many types of massages, facials and aesthetics were all enticing, but in light of my resolution, I decided to try something different. I booked an Abhyanga massage, an ancient Ayurvedic full body massage, which promised to restore my flow of “prana,” or life force.

Answering emails while running to the spa a few afternoons later, I used some self-control and turned off my phone as I walked in. For the next couple blissful hours, I let myself be immersed in the relaxing environment.

Starting out in the sanctuary, it was easy to let go of my stress. I snuggled up with a blanket and cup of tea on a chaise lounge next to the fireplace.

The serenity of the sanctuary seemed to extend down the hall and into massage room, where my therapist led me. She explained how she would revitalize my energy through a rhythmic massage using marma points (similar to acupressure points) and warm healing Ayurvedic oils.

It sounded quite different than the typical deep pressure sports massage that I was accustomed to, but I remained optimistic.

The warm oil and fluid massage strokes were hypnotic, gently easing built up tension and circulating energy through my body. The biggest difference though, was how revitalized I felt. I had more energy and seemed to accomplish more in all aspects of my life for days afterwards.

While I won’t be able to achieve my idealistic goal in one afternoon at the spa, it helped me achieve balance in the short term, which inspired me to keep trying.

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