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Rolling with the Girlz



Women’s flat track roller derby is sweeping the
nation, and the local derby league, The Gallatin
Roller Girlz, is growing.
Skaters from the greater Gallatin area, including Big
Sky, have joined the team—excitement is mounting
as the Girlz work toward their first scrimmages
with other leagues around Montana.
As a sport, roller derby has shaken its theatrical beginnings
and evolved into a true athletic challenge. The
game is played between two, five
woman teams on a flat track, skating
on quad roller skates. Each team
consists of a jammer (the scorer) and
four blockers. The blockers of both
teams skate in a pack, which the jammers
must skate through.
Points are scored as the jammers
pass opposing team’s blockers, one
point for each pass. The blockers
work to keep the opposing jammer
from scoring points while helping
their own jammer through the
pack. Shoulder and
hip checks are used
to restrict movement
by the opposite team,
and falls are common.
One-hour games are broken
into fast paced two-minute
jams, keeping the action
rolling and skaters working
Gallatin Roller Girlz, formed in Spring
2011, is a non-profit dedicated to supporting
women through sport. GRG is the
seventh league created in Montana, joining
together teams from Missoula, Helena, Great
Falls, Flathead, and two in Billings.
GRG is recruiting for women league
skaters, as well as both men and women
for skating and non-skating referee and
support positions. No skating experience
is necessary, though participants must be
over 18.

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