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By Danielle McClain

Big Sky Community Chorus would
like to welcome anyone with a desire
to be part of something bigger than
themselves to join us on Tuesday
evenings from 7-9 p.m.
The choir is made up of an eclectic
mix of community members of all
ages and backgrounds who assemble
as much for the fun of it as the musical experience. The chorus practices
in the Big Sky Chapel; it has no affiliation with any religion.
The chorus is under the energetic direction
of John Zirkle and masterful
accompaniment of Klaudia Kosiak,
both of who volunteer their time and
experience to the project. Director JZ
says all you need to participate is an
open mind and commitment to the
“Aside from the fun of it all, the
chorus is a great way to meet people
in the community and take a muchneeded
break from our hectic winter
lives,” says Zirkle. “In general, singing
with others provides that feeling
of being a part of a whole, which is
something we all strive for.”

Some members have never sung in a
chorus, and many have not done so
since as far back as grade school or
high school. The group has a solid
core of approximately 25 people and
is preparing for a spring concert in
April, where they’ll sing an arrangement
prepared by Zirkle from the hit
show Glee, Mozart, Aaron Copeland
and Eric Whitacre.
For an ideal sound, the choir would
like to expand membership to 32
members or more. To join is to simply
attend rehearsal and become part
of the fun. All the music is provided. The goal is to make a beautiful
noise and have a good time doing

For more information contact, or show up Tuesdays @ 7 p.m. at the Big Sky Chapel.

Danielle McClain is a Big Sky Community Member, and a strong member of the alto section in the Chorus.

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