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The M&M plans a return



Town Crier “Briefs from the Region” (2) – 5/13/21

The last week has been rough for Butte residents, after they watched their beloved M&M Bar and Café, a historic landmark in the mining city, burn to the ground on May 7. Owner Selina Pankovich says she plans to rebuild in the same location that the landmark stood for the last 130 years. She told KBZK that she was moved upon watching the firefighters take the time to remove and salvage the M&M’s famous exterior signage, and is inspired to keep moving forward due to the outpouring of support from the Butte community. “They saved the sign, so you have no choice but to build and put the sign back, so it’s very inspiring that they went through their trouble, so now it’s my turn to put it back home,” Pankovich told KBZK.

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