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Yellowstone seeks comments on proposal to provide Wi-Fi

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The National Park Service seeks public comment on a proposal to install indoor Wi-Fi networks and associated equipment throughout Yellowstone National Park’s developed areas for the benefit of park visitors and employees.

AccessParks, a Wi-Fi service provider, has submitted an application for a right-of-way permit. If approved, the permit would allow for the installation of up to 484 small (10-by-10-inch or 7-inch diameter) antennas on employee housing and visitor lodging facilities at Canyon Village, Grant Village, Lake Village, Mammoth Hot Springs and Old Faithful.

To link the antennas to internet providers outside the park, 39 additional antennas would be required at Canyon Village, Grant Village, Lake Village, Mammoth Hot Springs, Old Faithful and on the existing tower at Mount Washburn.

Coverage could eventually extend to other developed areas such as Norris, Madison and Bechler for administrative and employee use.

Exterior antennas would be located in areas to minimize visibility. Where visible, the installations would be painted to match the buildings on which they are installed. The new wireless equipment would be installed on existing structures in existing developed areas and towers or antennas would not be installed in or servicing backcountry areas.

In an effort to have no adverse effect to historic properties or districts, many of the antennas on National Register of Historic Places eligible structures would be located in attic spaces or under eaves.

The proposed installations would provide internet service to park visitors and employees in hotels and housing in developed areas. Consistent with the Yellowstone National Park Wireless Communication Services Plan, wireless access to recommended wilderness and park road corridors would be excluded.

Comments must be received by Nov. 29 and may be submitted online at, by hand-delivery or by mail to Compliance Office, Attention: Access Parks Broadband Proposal, P.O. Box 168, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 82190. 

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