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Yours in Health: Six Steps to Wellness

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The six steps to wellness was taught to me by my teacher, Dr. John Brimhall, D.C. This is one, introspective approach that clearly underlines all ways to look at a patient’s health. It paints a clear picture of what can become imbalanced in the body, structurally, chemically and emotionally. I hope you gain some insight for yourself or a loved one.

Step one: Re-establish structural integrity

The majority of all conditions can improve when the structure of the body is properly re-aligned to allow a free flow of vital energy. Nerve interference and structural misalignment happen when the life energy flowing through the nerves and tissues is blocked. This occurs from trauma such as accidents, falls, fractures, surgery, emotional stress and so on. When tissue and muscles are restricted, blocking electrical impulses, the result can be pain and disease.

Step two: Rebalance electromagnetics

Every cell in our body has an electromagnetic field, much like a magnet has north and south polarities. This polarity affects the function of a cell. The magnetic field of our body should be synchronized with the natural rhythms of the earth, moon and sun. When electromagnetic pollution accumulates, our entire system can become stressed and fatigued. This pollution comes from power lines, appliances, computers, TVs, microwaves, and communication devices.

Step three: Rebalance nutrition and reset the adrenals

Resetting the adrenal glands and correcting nutrition and digestion is a significant stage of healing. Restoring the gut microbiome happens through maintaining healthy gut flora.

Step four: Reprogram the body for any allergy or sensitivity

An environmental substance such as dust, mold or pollen can cause allergic responses along with food additives or inflammatory foods such as corn, milk, gluten, and soy. Allergic reactions can mimic a wide range of diseases and disorders and lead to a confused immune system. When this happens, the immune system responds by killing off friendly, protective bacteria in the GI tract, and encourages infective organisms to invade. Infective organisms are linked to leaky gut syndrome. This condition causes excessive permeability of the GI tract, partly caused by damaged, leaky walls in the digestive tract that allow food particles into the blood stream. Food particles in the digestive tract are normal, but food particles in the blood stream act as foreign invaders.

Step five: Re-evaluate emotional patterns and remove limiting belief systems

Emotions produce energy made of electrical and magnetic nerve signals. Emotions literally have a frequency, which radiates outward from our energy field. These chemical and energetic patterns are stored in the mind-body field and are called emotional memory. Past traumatic experiences and perceptions interfere with normal body function and limit one’s ability to perceive situations properly. The use of emotional clearing techniques, homeopathy, meditation can aid with this step.

Step six: Eliminate heavy metals

Toxic metals and chemicals find their way into our food, water and air. Some toxins are naturally occurring substances that our body has difficulty breaking down. When accumulated into our cellular tissue, mutation and cell death can occur causing “toxic overload.” Common toxicity burdens cause headaches, fatigue, joint pain, skin disorders and allergies. Many toxins also act as neurotoxins and effect memory, and mood.

Dr. Andrea Wick is a chiropractor and applied kinesiologist. She graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia, and now practices at Healing Hands Chiropractic in Big Sky. She has a passion for holistic health care and being active in the outdoors.

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