How has social media affected your life, for better or worse?

“I’d say I’m not that great at it, but I feel like Facebook especially helps me get pictures of my products and notifications about my events out to people who I don’t normally have contact with.”
Amy Langmaid, Big Sky, Mont.

Owner of Rhinestone Cowgirl

“It allows me to keep in contact with a lot of my friends over seas…It’s enabled me to branch out a little more in seeing other parts of the world. On the negative side, it gives you a sense of less privacy and the overwhelming bombardment of images and sounds that can be annoying.”
Cherrie Downer, Big Sky, Mont.

Barista at Spur Coffee

“It’s a great way to promote things because people do like Facebook, but I don’t think people are on [it] like they used to be because of the ramifications of saying the wrong things, and your lack of privacy.”
Vicky Nordahl, Big Sky, Mont.

Owner/Manager of Lone Peak Brewery and Taphouse