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406 Forum: Aug. 31, 2018



Since Aug. 1, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has relocated five black bears and euthanized two from the Big Sky area after the bears caused repeated conflicts with humans, getting in trash and homes. What do you do around your household in order to be bear smart in Big Sky and mitigate these conflicts?


Michael Pitcairn
Big Sky, Montana

“Be sure that all our trash is put away and that our garage doors are shut, not left open because that’s where we store our trash. … If we’re working around the house or doing something like that, we just try to make sure we’re bear aware and sometimes we leave a bear spray outside of the house. [It’s] just a good location for people if you … didn’t bring it out there with you.”



Patty Rhea
Big Sky, Montana

“A fed bear is a dead bear. … Close your windows, and you need to get rid of doors [with] levers. We replaced all our exterior levers with knobs.”




Jenn Steele
Big Sky, Montana

“I put my trash in a locking trash bin, don’t leave food outside and take it out of my car—I have a Jeep.”




Tyler Hammond
Big Sky, Montana

“Making sure that the dumpsters and the trash cans are properly secured. A lot of times I go up to them and [they’re] closed but not latched, so just making sure the door’s latched. … And making sure I don’t leave trash outside my place.”

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