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406 Forum: Big Sky in 10 years



EBS is wrapping up a five-part series on the development history of Big Sky.
What is your greatest hope for Big Sky’s next 10 years?


Kayla Burton
Big Sky, Montana

“I would like to see cheaper housing, I think it would make it a lot easier for people to survive here. This is a great place, and it’s nice to enjoy, but when you’re worried about money it’s really stressful to keep living here. I also think the resort could use better recycling.”  



Mark Roemer
Big Sky, Montana

“I’d like to see continued growth, but I don’t want it to go rampant. I’d also like to see some affordable housing, we’ve been fighting that since I moved here in 1975.”




Amy Vandam
Big Sky, Montana

“I think affordable housing would be a big one. It’s been rough for us here, there’s so many businesses opening and no housing. Where are the employees supposed to live?”  




Steven Lingo
Big Sky, Montana

“I’ve been here for thirty years and I hope it continues to grow reasonably. I’m not sure what direction they’re going to go since it’s already growing so fast.”

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