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406 Forum: Nov. 9, 2018

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Did you vote in the recent midterm elections? If so, what were the major issues for you? If not, why?


Jean White
Big Sky, Montana

“I voted and the main issue for me is environmental. That’s not even listed 90 percent of the time when they scroll through the polls. But that’s very important for me.”




Roberta Adair
Big Sky, Montana

“You’re asking old people on Medicare. You should ask some younger people. Healthcare will always be a leading issue with them. We all have good insurance, so it matters less to us.”




Cybyl Hancock
Big Sky, Montana

“No, I didn’t. I’m from Alaska. I wasn’t sure how to register. I’m kind of on my own down here and didn’t know anyone to ask.”




Chad Riffle
Big Sky, Montana

“Yes. I guess the main things for me were the House and Senate races. And I-185, the tobacco issue. I wanted it to pass so that we could expand eligibility for Medicaid coverage by raising taxes on tobacco products.”

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